it’s a wrap, as iceland travel concludes.

Have you ever had to leave your best friend behind? In Iceland? I had to do just that. Some of this story I have told, but it deserves re-telling.

At that time, the United States required a negative COVID test to enter. My friend had tested positive; I had tested negative. That meant I would leave Iceland. My friend would remain behind.

I had a twenty-four hour window before I had to leave. So I stayed in Iceland an extra day to try to figure things out. For her and for myself. Too soon it was time for me to depart before the window closed on me.

It was a time of tears. Many tears. Before she dropped me off at the airport, we promised to meet as soon as possible so the end of the Iceland trip could end “properly”.

Today I’m on my way to Houston for that proper ending. It’s been two months to the day. It’s time.

Looking around as I enter the Delta Sky Club prior to my flight (yes, privilege), I see signs of reunion joy.

Traveling mercies.

5 thoughts on “it’s a wrap, as iceland travel concludes.”

  1. Safe travels. Hope she is all well and no lingering symptoms.

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  2. Just as my heart hurt for you when your predicament arose, now my heart celebrates. Ahhhhh. Joyous travels, friend!


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