meeting daphne

Yesterday we drove from Hartford, CT through Massachusetts to Shaftsbury, VT. We didn’t stay on the interstate for long. Instead, we chose “the roads less traveled”.

Grilled cheese sandwiches and potato chips for lunch at the Blue Benn Diner. When was the last time you dined at a diner?

Or topped off lunch with a stop at Tasty Freeze.

An hour later we arrived at A Wing and a Prayer Farm

We had a wonderful greeting from the owner, Tammy, and the long hoped for greeting by the sheep.

We first wandered around the barn, meeting rescue sheep who were in quarantine as they had some health issues to overcome before joining the flock.

Tammy also dyes the wool from the sheep, the colors of which come from flowers, onion skins and various plants. She explained it all as we walked by the dyeing vats on our way to the pasture.

Tammy tossed several metal chairs in a wheelbarrow and we set off to visit the sheep.

The way it works with sheep is that you sit in your chairs and wait for the sheep to come to you.

Gradually the sheep strolled over. Tammy called all 60-70 by name as they began to move about.


For well over two hours we sat with the sheep. It was a delight!! For us and the sheep I am sure. Tammy sat with us and told us all about being a sheep farmer – the joys and sorrows and the extraordinary amount of work it is. She’s an amazing woman.

We drove off smiling as we criss-crossed passed fields and through small villages to our destination for the night.

We mused about Tammy’s calling to shepherd her flock. Of course our conversation then turned to that of The Good Shepherd. More about that tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “meeting daphne”

  1. Such a sweet story about a beautiful experience. With sheep! And all in the gorgeous state of Vermont. The photos are excellent, showing the always park like conditions of this state. I loved visiting Vermont when living back east. Wondering if you made a detour to bag the high point of Massachusetts? The process of applying the dyes looks so interesting. I’m expecting you’ll receive something made from the material in the future. Always enjoy being along for the ride.


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