on campus

I met Valerie just after noon in front of Jones College where she lives.

We decided the first thing we should do is have lunch. I tapped the Uber app and in just minutes we had our ride to Bistro Menil, the restaurant just adjacent to The Menil Collection.

Oh what fine dining we enjoyed! Salmon Salad for Val, Cheese Selection with bread, fig jam, pecans and pears for me. I was too full for dessert, but my delightful lunch companion enjoyed Caramelized Banana and Nutella Crêpes.

After the delicious lunch and delightful conversation, we visited The Menil Collection. The Menil Collection is a museum that houses the art collection of founders John and Dominique de Menil. The collection is comprised of “approximately 17,000 paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs and rare book”. I have enjoyed this museum countless times over the years.

Designed by architect Renzo Piano, to me the structure itself is a piece of art.

We then returned to the campus by Uber, and Valerie provided a tour of places she wanted me to see.

Walking to the library, we stopped to watch…

Impromptu dancing

…then a much needed…

Coffee break

I was told by the barista that my hair is sick! That’s a new description that I think is a positive take on the blue.

The Fondren library.

Valerie often studies here. She reserves a room on an upper floor. She told me the higher you go up – six floors – the quieter one has to be. We did not go higher than the 4th level. Probably a good idea, given I was along.

Rice Memorial Chapel.

It’s a stunning campus to walk…

…made all the more so with Val as my guide.

We ended our time together with plans for a return visit early next year. We have the women’s basketball team schedule from which we’ll choose the dates to reunite. Go OWLS!

I had so much joy hanging out with my granddaughter. I believe the joy feeling was mutual.

5 thoughts on “on campus”

  1. Great “Val” time! Wonderful pictures of a gorgeous campus. I agree on the “sick” comment (although I’m surprised that term is still used given, well, you know, a global pandemic. 😆)


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