awaiting snow quiet

Yesterday my flight to Albuquerque was to arrive eight hours ahead of my friend’s flight. She still works; I don’t. So she was to work a full day. Plus, Delta Airlines had some months ago changed my flight departure to three hours earlier than what I had booked. I knew I would have time to wait.

View above Tuscaloosa, Alabama

So I made arrangements to meet a long-time, dear friend for lunch in Santa Fe. We would each travel about an hour to Santa Fe to meet. I was so looking forward to seeing her. It had been a number of years since we last enjoyed each other’s company.

It was not to be. Not long after I landed, she called. There was a blizzard in Santa Fe and it was not safe for me to drive up to the higher elevation of Santa Fe. She wasn’t sure that she could get back home. It was a huge disappointment for each of us.

Now what? I clearly had a lot of time on my hands. I decided to drive north toward Santa Fe just to see some snow. I got about fifteen miles up the interstate before I turned back.

Bernalillo, NM

With around seven hours to wait for my friend, I shopped a bit, had coffee at Starbucks. Twice. Freddy’s for custard – until it was too dark for me to be out and about. Instead, I stayed nearby the airport.

Then my friend’s plane was delayed. And delayed again. Then it tried to taxi away from the gate, but it ran out of power and was towed back to the gate. I was now in the airport cell phone lot awaiting updates; running my engine off and on to keep warm. I conversed all the while with my sister. She was good company, especially during the time it looked like the flight would be canceled. Eventually an airplane jumpstart battery was ferried to the gate. That did it!

Last ditch effort to jump-start the engine.

Two hours later she landed. My wait had lasted ten hours! It was worth it because now two best friends could begin to enjoy quiet snow time. A quick trip to the hotel, and an even quicker trip to sleep. A new day was soon to begin.

Hotel Andaluz

A snow-quiet day awaited.

3 thoughts on “awaiting snow quiet”

  1. Wow, what a slog!! But all is well that ends well. I’m in the process of refinishing the counter section from the sink to the frig. It’s going well, but requires lots of time between steps. The washing machine guy is coming today. Rainy day here today – going to get your new Office 365 installed.



  2. Oh Wow! What a long day of waiting but glad you finally get to have a day of adventure – looking forward to pictures. You are probably in for more snow in a couple of days. Be safe! Be careful.


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