Sustenance – day 1

I have returned. It feels wonderful!

The clouds and sunrise during descent were magnificent. 

First stop upon arrival, cappuccino/latte time.

Our destination today was Akureyri, in the far north. Drive time was to be about five hours but with our style of travel it took nine. Lots to see along this unfamiliar route. We did pull over twice on the drive for 15 minute power naps. Amazing how fast we can fall asleep and just as amazing how rejuvenated we felt. 

I thought about sustenance today. Sustenance of body and soul. This day I filled up on both. 

Food for the body. 

Breakfast was served just after midnight on the flight. ABUNDANCE. 

Fish and chips for lunch, and ice cream for dinner. Hey, I’m on vacation. 

Food for the soul. 

The views I saw today filled me to the brim. 

Landscapes and vistas on an extraordinary scale. 

Sheep and Icelandic horses. 

Now it is time for rest. The Lord Almighty grant us all a peaceful night and a perfect end. 

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