More sustenance – Day 2

Today’s sustenance included food for the mind and for the body. 

The abundance continued this day. 

Breakfast at the hotel with a lovely view of the outside patio, covered and colored by the rain. 

We then walked down a somewhat steep hill to town, knowing the return later in the day would be a challenge. Up and down the hill, along with a day of walking around town, was food for the physical well-being of my body.  Besides, I needed to break in my new hiking shoes. 

 A visit to the Akureyi Museum of Art was food for the mind. 

The exhibit Balanced-Unbalanced by Rúrí – Jafnvægi-Úr Jafnvægi, “put art on the scales”. The scales weigh human history and the history of earth.  Rúrí questions “the inconsistent relationships between e.g. economy and water resources, war and peace”.  It was time well spent viewing her interpretion of balance. 

 Stemning, a photography exhibit by photographer Friðgeir Helgason, captured road trips he had made in Iceland and Louisiana. Similarities in colors and the environment were surprisingly evident. 

A light lunch of creamed vegetable soup and home baked bread fed my body, tempering some of the recent food ‘excesses”.

Dishes stacked awaiting to be filled with soup was art in its own way. 

Shopping provided me the opportunity to support local artists. 

Even shopping in the supermarket was a chance to support local businesses. 

Sunset provided treats for my spirit. 

We were told that the Northern Lights were a possibility this night. Stay tuned. 

For now, as they say here when parting, Bless bless. 

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