Gobsmacked Sabbath – Day 3

This day’s intent was to sustain my soul. And, oh my, was my soul fed!

The day began with breakfast where I made my own waffle and brewed my own cappuccino. Kind of a do-it-yourself meal. 

After breakfast we walked down the hill to Akureyrarkirka, the Lutheran church in town. Morning worship began with a climb up 100 steps to the church entrance. 

Worship, led by a chick priest, was a children’s service to welcome the children in the parish back to Sunday School. Lively and filled with folk mass music, the children and the priest sang, danced, and prayed. It was charming. We visited with her following the service, talking about the importance of children worshiping IN the church. 

Following church we set off on a road trip around the Tröllaskagi peninsula.  We were treated with amazing vistas and views. 

We stopped along the way to visit a beautiful little church in the tiny town of Hörgársveit. 

From there it was up the eastern side of the peninsula. The drive included several tunnels through the mountain. 

Gobsmacking scenery. 

In the village of Ólafsfjörður we stopped to visit Ólafsfjörðurkirkja, only to find another chick Lutheran priest. She and Beth had a lovely conversation. I chimed in occasionally. As we prepared to leave, the suggestion was made that we three pray the Lord’s Prayer. Standing, holding hands, we prayed in English and Icelandic. Beth and I used separate versions of the prayer, so three prayer voices were heard at the same time. With a resounding Amen, we all shared a “moment”. 

From there we continued to the very top of the peninsula. We stopped for cappuccino/lattes and sat outside to enjoy. 

Continuing down the western side, we were further gobsmacked. 

Returning to the hotel just before dark, we are hoping for Northern Lights this night. They were a no-show last night. 

2 thoughts on “Gobsmacked Sabbath – Day 3”

  1. I am struck by the remoteness of the second-to-last photo. What must it be like to live in one of those three houses, so far away from civilization? Pondering… and enjoying your photos immensely! (And your narrative!) 🙂


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