now this is more like it

After a surprisingly good night’s rest, and waiting for 9am when the supermarket would open and a cappuccino could be had, we left Holmavik. It was decided that as long as we were in the Westfjords, we should take the road less traveled across the Westfjords, then down to the Ring Road. 

While it was wet and windy, the drive was gorgeous. Empty as well. We saw few cars, but hundreds of sheep. 

As we came to the last turn of our awesome road adventure, we were gifted with a rainbow. I don’t recall seeing the color purple in rainbows, but it is always evident here in Iceland. 

After checking into our full-house hotel, we left our laundry at the front desk and drove to a nearby town for dinner. I had the best cappuccino I’d had in days. 

We dined alongside the water at Sjavarborg restaurant, enjoying the views, the Fried Halibut and the Tiger Prawns. A taste bud treat!

Of course we had to share ice cream for desert. It was like no ice cream I’ve had before. Yum!

After dinner we drove past a do-it-yourself car wash. After a car wash incident on my 2016 trip to Iceland, I vowed to just drive a dirty car. But after getting the car so covered in sprayed dirt, with substantially reduced visibility, we had no choice but to wash. Two travelers from Maine assisted with the car cleansing. 

Once clean, we set out for a short end of day drive. 

Gathering to bed down for the night. 

As am I after this most excellent unplanned day of adventure. Looking back over the past 24 hours, I would not change a thing. It’s not often we can say that when we’ve faced unexpected and challenging changes to carefully made plans. I’m grateful I can do just that as my day comes to an end. 

The Lord Almighty grant us a peaceful night and a perfect end. 

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