the missed memo

Waking up in Holmavik in the Westfjords this morning, I realized the memo about visiting Holmavik in September had gone missing. 

The memo that announced the “closing” of the town on August 21. While I was viewing the eclipse at home, this town of 375 souls was preparing for the coming winter, when there will be just 4-5 hours of daylight. 

One of the two restaurants closed. The grocery store reduced its hours and no longer served breakfast in its cafe. The laundromat ceased operations. The hotel would issue an additional key to be used to open the hotel when returning to your room after looking for food and services. 

Surprisingly, we found a real bustle of activity at the church just down the road. As we walked around the church taking photos, cars swarmed into the parking area. It was time for choir practice! We were amazed at the number gathering in this town that otherwise had ceased opportunities to gather. 

Holmavikkirka was open for the business of singing. Indeed. 

Now I shall turn on the car music system, and sing my way south. 

Traveling mercies. 

3 thoughts on “the missed memo”

  1. So enjoying traveling Iceland again with you. Your soft and peaceful words are so telling as you rejuvenate the soul. Loving the wonderful photos you’ve posted. What magnificent sights. Really like the ones with vast landscapes with what appear to be small houses . Your rainy day travel photos did tell your story. Hope you’ve now found a cappuccino. Travel safely.


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