a large day

Years ago while taking a ferry to a small island off the coast of New Brunswick, Canada, a fellow passenger declared it was a “large day”. I have had many a large day on trips taken over the many years since hearing that description. 

Today is a large day. 

Beth declared today a Sabbath day for herself. I was good to have a Sabbath day myself. A day to stop and rest and rejoice in this place. It turns out our idea of Sabbath is not quite the same. While I’m good with stopping and relishing, I’m not so good with complete stopping. 

So I took off for a time to nearby Hvítarsíða waterfall. Just a 6 kilometer drive down the road, I was comfortable driving off by myself. I was rewarded with a waterfall sight the likes of which I’ve not seen before. 

Returning to the hotel, I drove just a short way further. I was rewarded with views of Mt. Strútur, Mt. Tunga and Eiríksjökull glacier. 

Now as the rain sets in for the duration of time in this place, I’ll continue my Sabbathing with a delicious cappuccino and bite of chocolate. 

Treated to an impromptu dance by hotel glee-filled personnel. 

And a rainbow!

It is restfilled. 

2 thoughts on “a large day”

  1. What beautiful waterfalls! I’m so glad I finally made it to see the pictures first hand! What a glorious day! Thanks for sharing it.


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