entry level luxury

For a couple of nights I’m staying in what is considered a luxury hotel. I used American Express points to “pay” for most of the cost. Nestled in the area of the Geitland Nature Reserve, far away from any town or hamlet, I’m settled into my privilege. 

The views are awesome. The dining room superior. The service above the norm. Even the bathroom has heated tile flooring. 

This morning when we noticed the absence of plush robes and a second chair for sitting, we realized we were in a Standard, not a Deluxe, room. We are entry level luxury. 

While we can be amused by that revelation, there is an uncomfortable level of truth. 

What level of luxury, or for that matter, what standard of living is sufficient?

Once again, I am mindful of my level of security and convenience, and my responsibility to share my good fortune with those without such good fortune. 

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