Those who know me, know I’m quite fond of being upgraded. It happens primarily when flying. I’ve been mostly loyal to one airline, and the honors level I carry sometimes results in a seating upgrade. It’s been said that “no one appreciates being upgraded more than I”.

That’s true. 

I certainly don’t deserve it any more than the next flyer, but I love it when it happens. 

This morning I’ve awakened in a top floor room. 

Because of problems with the shower in the room -SCALDING hot water- we found ourselves upgraded upon return to the hotel last night. Bags packed in a flurry, we were escorted to a corner suite on the top floor, complete with balcony. Wow!

Another abundant breakfast offering this day. 

Becca Stevens suggests this is the beginning of the seasons of gratitude. She offers a universal prayer of thanks. 

“Gracias. Thank you. Shukraan, Toda. Dhanyavaad. Xièxie. Merci. Asante. Grazie. Shukriyah. Ke a leboga.”  To that I add, Þakka þér fyrir. 

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