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Today we left the city and headed southeast. Our primary destination was Þingborg ullarvinnsla wool workshop, about an hour away. 

We had stopped there during the 2016 trip to Iceland and had wanted to return. Part of the building houses Gallery Floi, where a glass and ceramic artist creates her work. While Beth looked at yarn, I visited with the jeweler and a friend. They are Viking women and are part of a group which does Viking era reenactments. Conversation with them was fascinating. 

A waterfall visit was on my mind, so we drove a bit further south to Urriðafossvegur. Originating from three glaciers, more water flows over these falls than any other Icelandic waterfall. 

The return drive was filled with sights so extraordinary we had to pull over again and again.

After all these driving sights, we stopped for a delicious lunch of soup and bread. 

Returning to the hotel for brief rest, we set out walking once again. We ended the day with a walk in rain and wind to view a sculpture by Jón Gunnar Árnasonpiece placed prominently along the water, titled The Sun Voyager

Now as this day closes, I’m so very grateful to have the means and the might to travel, the feet to carry me, the mind to find my way, and the ability to be surprised and delighted. 

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