this day

It’s said one should live each day as if it were your last. 

I’m thoughtful about this today because it is my last full day in Iceland. A trip I was for a time, not confident would happen. 

I’m also thoughtful about this because it’s my traveling friend’s birthday. And that has me thinking about the measure of our days. 

I’ve been given a gift of years, of days, of hours.  I’m certain I have not lived each to its fullest. I suspect that is how it is with most of us. 

So today I’ve been intentional about how I spend this last day and how I’ve honored and celebrated my friend’s anniversary of her birth.  

Celebrating alongside her as strangers learned of her birthday and reacted with gifts of hospitality was joyous. The server at breakfast who presented a decorated pastry; the server in a coffee shop who poured  cups of coffee for us to enjoy – his gift.  And shopkeepers and chefs as we went about our day all giving their good wishes. 

It was in that context that I wanted to be certain this final day in Iceland was planned with intention, with room for surprise. 

Gifted with mostly a beautiful and rain-free day, we walked some good distances, crisscrossing the city.  

I’m struck by the many wonderful conversations with all manner of people whose paths crossed with mine for a few minutes or so this day alone. It’s so obvious to me that caring words and intentional conversation become a gift to both the hearer and the speaker. Connections made that make travel so much richer. 

It doesn’t have to just during travel. That’s too limiting. For me, my intent is to have more conversation in a meaningful and meaning-filled manner. 

This day is done. While I may not have lived it as if it were my last, I did indeed live it to the fullest. 

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