ah…on my way

I’m never ready for travel to end, and this trip to Iceland is no exception. It helps to know my intention is to return. And to know, too, that I will have other travel journeys in the interim. 

Up before dawn, with about an hour’s drive to the airport, in the dark–we realized this is what it would be like to travel here in the winter. Dark most of the time. That would be hard. 

I continue to be grateful for the good fortune I have when I travel.. Flying Saga (first)!class on Icelandair allowed me to skip the long security lines and proceed quickly through security check and on to the Saga lounge. Comfortably  seated with cappuccinos flowing, I waited the two hours for my flight. 

Bussed from the terminal to our aircraft, we had a most enjoyable conversation with our driver as we waited to board the bus. It’s a delight to stop and chat with those whose language I do not speak. I’m no longer surprised to find, however, MY language is spoken. 

Dining was pretty neat. It’s possible on Icelandair to preorder the meal, kind of guaranteeing you’ll get what you will enjoy. 

A highlight of the flight to JFK was flying over Greenland. Just Beautiful!

Descending into JFK provided interesting patterns from on high. 

Now settled into Delta’s lounge for several hours, I’m back in text mode, warm weather, and thinking of tasks ahead. 

For right now, though, I’m still on Iceland time. U.S. time will come soon enough. 

Traveling mercies. 

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