in the air again

After an overnight in Atlanta, with an already-packed fresh suitcase exchanged for my Iceland bag, I’m back at the airport headed to Houston. Thanks to Evan for the shuttle to the hotel last night and the bag exchange, I’m set for another journey. 

I’m traveling with Beth to her temporary home to help with move-in after the recent Hurricane Harvey flooding. This feels all too familiar, having done the same thing with her 17 months ago. 

We’re trying out a travel perk I have because of a credit card I carry. Minute Suites at Hartsfield.  It’s a place of quiet for one hour. Bring your own food and drink. Time’s just about up. 

Iceland served as an escape for a couple of weeks. Today it’s clear the escape is over. 

From a recent Becca Stevens post:

If we can endure, be sure in faith, and keep our hearts open to God, we will find that no matter what, our lives have been blessed. We will feel that unbelievable gift, that through any hardship we will be graced with God’s presence. The hardships, we discover, are not tests of our faith, but part of the journey of being alive and of having a sacred heart.

Traveling mercies. 

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