For the past several days I have been in the midst of a community that endured significant flooding from Hurricane Harvey. Northwest Houston. Driving through neighborhoods I saw remnants of people’s lives strewn on the front lawns, still waiting to be carted away 5 weeks after the flooding. I saw, too, the destroyed lawns left after the debris has been scraped up and carted off.

I also saw resilience.

I saw it in conversations I’ve had this week with those who had to flee and with those who took them in. Sometimes taking in the pets as well.

I saw it in Beth’s church Sunday morning as parishioners gathered for worship in community.

And I saw it in a fig tree growing in Beth’s backyard. A backyard that was under 5 feet of water for several days.

Now sprouting new leaf growth. Now producing new figs.

Each night during my time here, I have fallen into bed with great tiredness – after unpacking, moving boxes and rearranging furniture. And each morning I have awakened rested and restored. I find I am resilient as well, ready to begin again.

Now as I prepare to board my flight home to Georgia, I realize that I have made a kind of home here as I see how I have helped set up a new home – once again – for my friend.

Traveling mercies.

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