road trip

An eight-hour trek to and along The Apache Trail scenic drive today, was filled with extraordinary sights, views, and walks. Also filled with bumps and joggles along a barely maintained road, across the high desert of central Arizona. We three journeyed in this awesome place and time, as we journeyed through past memories of our shared lives. There was a sweetness that was filled with conversation, laughter, and silence.

The road twisted and turned through “forests” of saguaros, through canyons whose desert varnished rock walls soared to the sky. Sustained by bowls of chili at Tortilla Flats, we were on our way.

We passed a series of lakes leading to our last lake stop, beautiful Roosevelt Dam and Lake.

The cherry-on-the-top of this scenic day was the bridge across the lake; the longest two lane; single span, steel arch in all of North America. A real beauty.

Evidence of the road trip is seen here:

Exhausted by the sometimes brutal road, and also by serious laughter, this day comes to an early close.

Traveling mercies certainly surrounded us today.

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