arts and crafts

After an early morning walk through the neighborhood, marveling at decorating possibilities with cacti, we headed straight to Starbucks.

The barista proudly displayed his artwork on my Flat White, exclaiming that when he gets an order for this drink, “it’s my time to shine”. This likely was the best Flat White I’ve had.

From there it was on to the Tempe Festival of the Arts. Now in it’s 49th year, over 375 artists crafts persons showcase their wares.

Not planning on doing more than looking, well except for my sister, we all made some wonderful purchases.

As the festival was just down the road from the Phoenix International airport, planes departing filled the skies above us. I love to watch planes fly.

Then on to the Scottsdale Museum of Contempory Art to see an exhibit of the life and work of Paolo Soleri.

There was also a wonderful exhibit of art by Aboriginal women.

The bonus was finding the James Turrell Skyspace was still in place. When I visited two years ago, this was a new installation that we three experienced, and which led us to seek out other Turrell installations in the area.

Moving on through the day, we got a quick bite to eat and then took in a juried contemporary quilt exhibit. Amazing designs expressed in fabric.

After a short rest at home, we are now awaiting entry to the Desert Botanical Gardens of Phoenix for a sculpture exhibit and luminaries for a night time walk. Stay tuned.

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