passages continued

After Friday’s School of Nursing commencement, other family members arrived and joined in the joy. A short time later, an impromptu walk to Starbucks a couple of blocks away, allowed for a chance to revel in these family members while sharing stories with them of the earlier event.

This morning sons, various grandchildren, papa and I, trickled down the road to Starbucks to begin the day, and from there a tour of some the must see local art nearby.

Walking around in 29 degrees – brrrr!!, we came across Soda City Street Market, Columbia’s downtown street market – open every Saturday morning year-round, rain or shine. It was great fun. Local produce, arts and crafts sellers, food trucks and a variety of musicians.

Later we gathered for dinner, another feast of sustenance and celebration.

All these events have been laced through with accomplishments, the presence of family and friends, joy and pride.

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