passages still

This Sabbath day began at Starbucks, of course,

Frosty is here too.

A short, brisk walk brought us to Trinity Cathedral. We filled 3 pews. I love worshipping in cathedrals. The sights and sounds, the “echoes” during the spoken word, and the sheer size and design of the place. Awe-filled for me.

The sermon was about John the Baptist, and whether or not he, not Jesse, was Elijah. Arguments for this can be found in two references in Malachi, and in all four Gospels there is confusion about the relationship of Jesus and John, and who was Elijah. What matters this day is that as baptized Christians we are called to a ministry of proclamation.

After church, Georgia led us on a tour of the campus Horseshoe, where all the buildings that form the horseshoe are from the very early days of the university.

Then it was time for brunch. Time to eat fabulous food, once again,

A short break after brunch for lounging, walking, or, wait for it, Starbucks.

Then it was time for the Revocation ceremony. Additional family arrived just as we entered Rutledge Chapel. The Dean of the Honors College explained that Convocation is to gather at the beginning, and Revocation is a way to conclude; the status of being an active student in the Honors College is revoked and one receives a new status – alumnus.

Each graduate spoke about their experiences as Honors College students.

A reception followed at Rutledge Hall, the very first building of the University of South Carolina.

Todd summited the high point of Hall.

Another campus walk to the hotel to change clothes,…..

…..because it was BBQ time!

Another amazing day of family and friend time as we continue to celebrate and honor Georgia,

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