At last! As I type this, I am “sitting in a chair, in the sky”, to quote a well-known comic. Ah, the gift of flight. The gift of travel.  The gift of a traveling friend. I am SO grateful for all of this.

I’d much rather fly in daytime.  I love to gaze out the window, watching the clouds drift by as I try to ascertain just where I am.

Tonight is a night flight.

Flying in the dark does have different scenery – the lights of small and large towns and cities below.  I’m so curious about their names, so I’m generally logged in online so as to map my trek across the country, and thus identify the cluster of lights below. Here’s Little Rock.

I’m arriving a day early.  Given some inconvenient airline schedules, it makes more sense for me to get to Albuquerque this day, so tomorrow evening when Beth arrives we’ll immediately be on our way north… after we stop for dinner at a new favorite place.


I’m arriving late enough that I’m grateful I don’t have to drive any further than a few blocks to my hotel.

Tomorrow brings worship, reunion, shopping, and reunion.

I’ve researched Episcopal churches in Albuquerque and have decided on one in particular.  I’ll let you know about my worship experience later.

Because I’m a day early, I’m able to reunite with the woman with whom I was friends growing up in Denver. When asked what kind of restaurant I prefer, my response was “when I’m in New Mexico all I want to eat is New Mexican food”.  Stay tuned for how this turns out.

And I have errands to do.  I’ve just learned about the women’s march to be held on the day we return home from this Epiphany retreat.  Beth wants to knit “pussy” hats for each of us to wear on our separate flights home, to be in solidarity with those who march.  I was hesitant when I heard this– I’m not really a pink-hat-with-ears type, but I’m told I can choose my own color.  Since that works for me, I’m tasked with getting the necessary yarn for each of us so the hats can be knitted for the flights home. (Stay tuned to learn how that works out for me.) Not requiring pink, my guess is it will be easy for me to find a suitable color for my hat, maybe not so easy to find pink yarn (specifically local to the area, and wool) for Beth.  Not being a knitter, I suspect this yarn shopping could be quite an adventure in itself.

And lastly, tomorrow will be retreat-companion reunion, with travel north.

Traveling mercies.

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