In a recent reading by Barbara Crafton, an Episcopal priest whose blog I follow, she made the suggestion that one should contemplate, “At the end of the day, have I lived this day well”. That has struck a chord with me. My initial reaction was to say this is especially important because I am “oldering”. But someone suggested it matters not our age, each day should be lived well by each of us. Very true.

I’m trying to be intentional about this. First by beginning my day with the intent to live the day well, to make the hours of this day matter.

And at the end of each day, consider how I lived the day.

My unscheduled day yesterday gave me ample opportunity to be intentional as no plans existed for the day when I awoke. Throughout the day actions and activities were chosen. It was such a gift to go through the day in this manner.

I had good conversations and good silences, laughter and song. The planning of future travel.

While making cards;

Over lunch,

And over coffee.

In front of the fire.

Only one thing was scheduled. We went to the local movie theater to see The Post, a film about the Pentagon Papers. It was excellent.

At the end of the day, I felt this was a day lived with intention, the intention being to slow dow, enjoy the time and place, and to be grateful for it all.

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