an unscheduled day

Except for “live” morning prayer with Beth, this day brings no places to be, no have-to-dos, no plans beyond walking through this beautiful day.

Good morning God. This is your day. I am your child. Show me your way. Amen.

I’ve been thinking about conversations I had a couple of days ago with my growing-up-friend. Through those conversations of shared memories, I was able to fill in some blanks I have about those years as I was being further formed.

Talking with her I saw how we had some similar experiences during those times, and how, looking back, I’m certain were life sustaining for each of us.

In Becca Steven’s reflection today, she writes: When we remember our past, it doesn’t take us long to think of times when God showed us mercy, whether in our circumstances or through other people. Mercy is clearest in hindsight.

On this new day, having no schedule to keep, I’m open to possibility and promise. And to be aware of ways I might show mercy.

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