road tripping

So far, this trip has been primarily “local” in the sense that we haven’t ventured out and about much more than “out”. Little “about”.

Today was different. We got out AND about. Kind of. While we didn’t travel far, we ventured to a somewhat remote spot. The John Dunn Bridge, which crosses the Rio Grande River about 10 miles north of Taos, just west of Arroyo Hondo.

It was built in 1908 by John Dunn as a toll bridge which transported travelers and mail into Taos. He also built a hotel near the bridge that housed travelers overnight. It was sold to the Territory of New Mexico in 1912 and at that time the toll-bridge was made a free bridge to travelers.

We hung out here for awhile, wandering along the river and the road. And we had a delIcious picnic. Such a beautiful away place.

From here we mosied along back roads through small towns.

We drove west to the Rio Grande Gorge Park, where a much larger and higher bridge crosses the Rio Grande.

We walked several paths in the park, awaiting the sunset.

This was such a good day of vistas out and almost about.

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