this is the day

That the Lord has made. Let’s rejoice in it!

It is also the last day of Epiphany retreating in Taos. It’s always so hard for there to be a last day in this place. But, thinking about it just now, what really is a last day? In this particular instance, it’s really not as final as a true “last day”. And I am certain I will return to this place during Epiphany 2019.

Still, I’m sad to leave this place of stillness. Of quiet. Of calm. Of rest. The luxury of all of it.

It’s also been a place of raucous laughter. Not unlike the noisy crows outside the back doors.

Packed up and heading south we made a last stop at Coffee Apothecary for a cappuccino for the road, and to say goodbye to Lydia and Pablo until next year. By then the coffee roastery they are building will be completed, and we’ll celebrate that next step in their business.

Part of every trip to northern New Mexico has been the luxury of massages. Booked two months ago, a day had been set aside to luxuriate with massages provided by Bonnie, whom we have known for many years. However, upon our arrival we learned Bonnie had been felled by the flu, so massages were out. Oh no! This is an annual treat provided by Evan.

Fast thinking, and recalling massages some years ago, we quickly booked massages at Ten Thousand Waves Spa just outside of Santa Fe. Yea! It worked perfectly to stop off for massages on the way to Albuquerque for early flights tomorrow.

The highway between Taos and Santa Fe follows alongside the Rio Grande River. It’s a beautiful drive. Stopped by construction driving south to Santa Fe, gave me time to take a photograph of the beauty right next to the highway.

Ah, at last. Spa time.

We had forgotten how exquisite it is to be in this place. After donning kimonos, there was a heated foot soak, followed by a meditation room with heated blankets. Then the real reason for coming – 80 minutes of therapeutic massage, ending with time in the sauna. AWESOME!

Thanks, Evan!

The last stop before the drive to Albuquerque was dinner at La Choza restaurant for one last meal of blue corn cheese enchiladas, my fifth meal of this amazing dish.

A 6am flight tomorrow morning, as the Epiphany retreat comes to a close. Filled with anticipation of return, retreat and reunion, this trip exceeded all expectations.

Traveling mercies.

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