tybee time reframed

Every season of Lent for the past 14 years, I have journeyed to Tybee Island on the coast of Georgia.  It’s been the perfect place to experience retreat during Lent. It has been so much more than a journey of miles; rather, it has been a journey for my body and soul.


One of the draws of Tybee Island, is the fact that it is what I call “away”.  It isn’t a place to which it’s easy to travel. And over the years, there have been more travel challenges than not.  Still, when you drive along Highway 80 sandwiched between marshes and the Savannah River Channel, and then cross over Lazaretto Creek, you know you have arrived “away”. You are officially on Tybee Time.

This year, Tybee Time is being reframed, reimagined. After a year of slogging through weather uncertainty and upheaval, it was time to seek more certainty in, and ease of, the travel that is required to get to Tybee Island.  It was time, too, to trade what has been referred to as camping accommodations on the island, for a bit of  “luxury” lodging in the Southern Appalachian Mountains.

Not being a person inclined to change, I’ve been surprised to find this change just seems to feel so right.

This day the reframed Lenten retreat begins.


A spring welcome awaits.



Traveling mercies.



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