seeing with a different lens

Having had to face the reframing of Tybee Time has given me a new lens for viewing change. This annual Lenten retreat moved from the sea to the mountains, and it’s caused me to embrace an alternative to my long time Spring travel.

Viewing this as more of a retreat from than a retreat to has helped me bend a bit in thinking things need to stay the same. I was able to hear the wish for and the need to retreat from the sea and instead climb to the mountain.

Here there are magnificent sunrises that simply require rolling over to view.

And cappuccinos to be enjoyed in front of the fire on a chilly morning.

Tybee Time has always been about retreating into rest and quiet, surrounded by the beauty of God’s creation. Seeing Tybee Time through the lens of hearing a need and the recognition of similarity of place, it would seem the mountain is the perfect place in which to do Lent this year.

You still the roaring….Psalm 65:7

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