Monday began with one of the better sunrises of late. With that beginning, it was certain to be a large day.

At church on Sunday, a parishioner had told me about a field of daffodils just down a local road outside town. That’s where we began our mini day trip. Just around the bend, there they were.

While the structures on the property have been abandoned and left to decay, the field of daffodils is thriving.

Headed north to a yarn shop in North Carolina, we stopped to walk the Mountain Valley Center labyrinth in Otto, NC.

After a bit of shopping we enjoyed a scone picnic on a bench in town just down the street from the knit shop and adjacent to an outdoor provisions store. I mention this because we became part of the conversations of a gathering of Appalachian Trail through-hikers in town for rest and restocking of their trail provisions. While more of an overhearing of their conversations than actual conversation with, we none-the-less were able to provide helpful information to a late-comer who had missed the gathering. We surprised ourselves by the amount of facts we had heard and stored in our oldering brains!

Returning home, it was time for cross making.

While Beth is creating something which involves her phone and is not yet complete, I made a cross using found materials as I walked the labyrinth. Rhododendron leaves from last fall, rolled up through winter, and gold paper candy wrapper.

This day’s sunshine is inside as we settle in for a rainy day in Georgia.

Sunshine is sweet; it is good to see the light of day. Ecclesiastes 11:7

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