reframing reflection

The reframed Lenten trip ended with Beth returning home Friday afternoon. It’s clear that revising Tybee Time this Lent was a very good idea.  As the last day approached, we took stock of the reframing experience.

Extreme rest that had been sought, was found;

“Luxury” accommodation offered sunrise viewing from bed;

cappuccinos at will;

gourmet meals made possible by having more than a toaster and microwave with which to cook;

movie and TV streaming in front of either the fireplace or the woodstove;

mountains instead of sea and marsh.

All in all, a restful and rest-filled week of Lent.

And the making of crosses in the midst.

New Mexico seed pods before “exploding”.

Seed pods, now exploded.

A bit of wool to drape.

Found “as is” on my deck.

The color of Spring.

Wiley Presbyterian Church labyrinth.

I’ve been thinking about the idea of reframing, of doing things or seeing things, in ways outside the usual “because it’s always been done that way’ – or “that’s how I’ve always viewed it”. I know I have bristled when I’ve heard others say “because…”, always….”, “not going to change now”.  Yet I have been doing some of that, without hearing myself as clearly as I’ve heard others.

While I did not seek out change in the form of reframing, and while I resisted, in the end it has provided me with some wonderful opportunities and experiences I otherwise would have missed. It’s also taught me something about being open and even a bit flexible, when asked to reframe.

We all need some things to stay the same so as to have some familiarity and tethering in our uncertain lives. This day I’m basking in quiet joy of having untethered for just a while.

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