rocky mountain high

Tomorrow I return to my roots. Those who know me, know how proud I am to be a native Coloradoan. While I have not lived in Colorado for 47 years, I still make claim to this identity. I’m especially delighted when someone asks what my “accent” is.  Accent?  Really? Well, I guess Coloradoans must have some type of accent that sets our speech apart.  That’s way cool!  Colorado cool.

I’ve accepted an invitation from my oldest son and his family to join them for several days in Keystone, CO.  A family of skiers and snowboarders, they will take to the slopes while I will take to the village complex to take in the sights.

I’m flying nonstop Atlanta to Eagle, CO.  Eagle is a small town nestled in the Rockies, not far from some of the major ski areas – including Vail, Breckenridge, Keystone. The landing is super dramatic as the airplane descends quickly to a small mesa INSIDE the Rockies!



A drive of about an hour and a half will take me to Keystone where I expect to be embraced by my family– unless they are on the slopes, in which case the embrace will come later. Regardless, I am soon to be wrapped in family arms. IN Colorado.


Traveling mercies.

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