travel before travel

You have to really want to travel by air if you live up in the mountains as I do.

Allowing 3 hours for drive-time to Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport meant a 5:30 am departure. SO dark the entire 110 miles.

After going through security, I set out on foot for Starbucks at Terminal C. It’s an educational and artsy walk.

Stone art from South Africa:

A tropical aviary installation:

And travel through the history of Atlanta:

At last – Starbucks! Me and MANY others await our orders.

Cross making the night before departure; inviting God in this creating activity as I prepared for travel.

Tied with Iceland yarn, a snippet from Beth’s knitting project.

Vine tendrils collected on a recent walk up the hill. Soaked in water to make flexible for winding together.

Soon to board. See you in the sky!

Traveling mercies.

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