high elevation

Airborne at just under 40,000 feet for much of the flight, we descended to 6,600′ in Eagle. My drive to Keystone saw a gain in elevation to 9,200′.

Growing up in Colorado, I’ve always believed my lungs developed “super breathing” capability. When I travel to higher elevations I’m thankful I’m not winded or short of breath.

Today I expect to be close to 12,000′ as we go off on a snowcat adventure. These machines are used primarily for grooming the ski slopes throughout the night.

This morning brought more snowcats at work preparing the slopes for skiers and snowboarders.

Sunrise on a chilly morn.

At 3:15 this afternoon, we will gather to catch a ride on a gondola up to Dercum Mountan at 11,600′. We’ll board a snowcat – a HEATED – snowcat and head off into Independence and Bergen Bowls.

A Ricky Mountain High for sure.

Stay tuned.

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