high mountain dinner

A fitting way to end this high-time trip. A double gondola ride to North Peak for Der Fondue Chessel dining.

An immense dining hall, capable of seating 300, was set up for a gastronomic feast. We began with tableside preparation of Caesar salad, followed by two pots of two kinds of cheese fondue. Then came a raclette grill of chicken, beef, bratwurst, and potatoes,

Musicians strolled by, stopping to play a few tunes.

All topped off with two pots of chocolate fondue – milk and dark chocolate.

A veritable feast!

The return gondola ride drifted down as the sun completed its setting. Both Mark and I activated our night sky apps so as to identify the stars which now appeared in the sky as dark settled in. We spotted a contrail high above, identified through a favorite app of mine as Southwest flight from St. Louis to Las Vegas. Ah, the wonders of it all.

Looking outside and below our balcony just now….

These few days have very much been a Rocky Mountain high. Homeward bound tomorrow.

Traveling mercies.

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