sunshine in and out

This a blue sky day. A Colorado blue sky. I’m sitting out on the condo balcony drinking Sam Pelligrino, reading the New York Times, covered in sunscreen. Watching skiers and snowboarders of all ages and abilities slide by. And occasionally a sled carrying an injured person slides past.

The lodge is situated at the base of River Run.

It’s ski in/ski out. Very convenient.

There’s Mark now.

And Georgia and Jack.

This is likely to be the last of the many family gatherings we have enjoyed at Keystone. In addition to the enormous joy we have all shared these past few days, it’s been a healing time for me. Eight years ago Jack and I were in a ski accident in this very place. It was far worse for him than for me. I’ve carried some responsibility for this ever since, because as a grandmother I felt like I failed to protect him.

He’s long recovered in body and mind. Being here these past few days has done much for the healing of my heart. Jack asked me if I was glad to be back. Yes I am.

Making crosses in this time and place has been especially meaningful.

Sticks stuck in our burgers to indicate doneness, tied with twine found by Georgia.

Napkin which accompanied my club soda on the flight to Eagle, now folded and cut.

Found button at the car rental affixed to found twigs.

Tonight we’ll take a double gondola ride to dinner. Stay tuned.

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