in the air again

I’ve been home six days and I’m about to take a seat, once again, in that chair in the sky.

I’m headed to Houston early this morning. I’m going to help Beth pack up for a second return to the rectory – after flood #2.

I drove to Atlanta last night for an early flight. This was much easier than leaving home at 3am in the morning. Plus, snow was forecast. I believe WAS is the operative word here.

It’s chilly in Atlanta this morning. I’ll travel 689 air miles, while also “traveling” in temperature degrees. High of 45 at home, 78 in Houston. I’m hoping I packed light enough.

What a beautiful morning to fly.

I mention the two floods. In each one I mostly focused on unpacking. This week I’ll be using my packing skills. I’m actually a most excellent packer. Almost world renowned. Seriously.

Making light of hard times sometimes helps. I have been so close to these floods, even participating in one of them. I need to find some light and humor to sustain me. There is hard work ahead this week, for body, mind, and soul.

I’ll need to carve out a bit of time for cross making.

In the meantime, here are the latest cross creations.

Acorn sanded flat to be affixed to found wood.

The other 2 chimes from the broken wind chime (featured earlier) cloaked in seed pods.

Found penny attached to Apple tree scraps.

Pussy willow branches gathered roadside in Colorado.

Spoons served with local cappuccinos. My coffee companion created this cross.

Just landed. See you on down the road.

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