criss- crosses

Not long after I arrived, Beth and I drove over to the rectory to check some things out, and see what we might need to purchase at one of our favorite stores. Lowe’s. NOT!

Going through flooding has necessitated doing some home improvement shopping.

You gotta shop where you gotta shop.

But first…. Soto’s for fabulous TexMex! An amazing repast.

Then on to Lowe’s where we purchased garden gloves, huge bags of potting soil, a variety of plants, a dolly. For good measure we tossed in a giant streetside trash can.

Loaded up, we returned to the rectory where we spent much of the afternoon potting plants, cleaning up the yard, and organizing pots and plants around the yard. Whew! Hard work for those who are oldering .

The azaleas survived being under 5′ of floodwater. Just lovely.

While walking around the yard I kept coming across crosses that were askew. Most likely strewn about when underwater.

I was thoughtful about the “found” crosses, even as I gathered material for my own cross making.

Returning home, hoping to rest a bit, a call came in about a parishioner’s death. A quick clean up and we were off to a memory care center for Beth to pray with the family.

These kinds of things seem to occur whenever I come to town. No wonder I was once asked to please let the parish know when I was planning a visit. I’d surely like to think these happenings are unrelated to my visit.


Orchid stalks found in the yard.

And now this day comes to an end. Peaceful rest.

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