my calling

I’ve found my calling. It’s “installing” scented drawer papers.

I’m so much better at this than potting plants, mostly because I don’t have to do any heavy lifting.

This day began with meeting a mutual friend for breakfast and Live prayer. At 8am sharp, we dropped our conversation and moved into FaceTime Morning Prayer. Beth, or her curate, lead this, along with Compline at night, every day of the week except Sunday.

The drive to breakfast was accompanied by the fireworks of sunrise.

After the prayer breakfast we set out for the rectory to continue our preparations for Beth’s return move-in. That’s when I did my own move-in, literally. I moved inside. My task was to line all the drawers in the master bath. Upstairs I cleaned out some cabinets in the guest bath and lined shelves. It was not near as physically challenging as working in the yard. I guess I’m a wuss. I will say, tho, I’m good at the precision of measuring and fitting. Hence, my calling.

After lunch and errand running, we returned home for rest time. Beth was far more deserving of rest than I, so I found a kind of rest in the making of crosses.

Reeds with bloom going to seed.

Orchid stems with seed pod from an oak tree on the rectory grounds.

Reeds with vine twirlings.

Tonight we’ll go to the theatre to see the play, Ann. Authored by Holland Taylor, it’s the story of Ann Richards who was Governor of Texas in the 90’s. I was such a fan and supporter of her. I even joined a dear friend to walk with 1,000’s of others through Austin, Texas, when Ann was inaugurated as Governor.

So I’m really looking forward to the play. Beth and I will be wearing Ann Richards t-shirts from that Inauguration Day.

Stay tuned.

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