We began this day with coffee and homemade cinnamon rolls. Both the rolls and the table and chairs were provided by one of Beth’s parishioners. The photograph makes clear the rolls were quickly consumed. Delicious! Much to be grateful for sitting outside on this Spring day.

Today Beth has declared this day to be her Sabbath day. Generally this means doing no work, rather, doing only those things that are fulfilling. I’m along for this Sabbath. This day has already diverted from the “rule” of Sabbath as we’ve been out and about a bit, including a frustrating visit to the post office. Generating anger and frustration, this was NOT fulfilling.

Returning home, frustration lessened as some things were resolved the old fashioned way – speaking to a person on the telephone. This was enough to replace frustration with some pieces of resolution, and even bits of laughter.

Speaking of laughter, last night’s production of Ann was filled with wonderful humor.

Having VIP seating, it seemed fitting we would opt for “VIP” parking. A real bargain.

We arrived garbed in the Ann Richards t-shirts and caught the attention of other attendees and theatre staff. We photographed ourselves as we entered, and then a staff member asked to take our picture which would be added to the theatre’s collection of Ann Richards memorabilia. We were a hit!

Settling into front row seating as we awaited the theatre to fill, and then the arrival of Ann to the stage.

It was delightful!

As Beth worked to resolve some of the move transition issues, I created a cross using found ceramic pieces at the rectory along with a plastic chip picked up at the post office.

Next up packing up lesser-used items for the upcoming move.

Stay tuned.

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