here I go again

Yep, I’m back in a chair in the sky. I think this may set a record. Three flights in one month. Actually, three flights in twenty days. I’m fast closing in on 400 flights in the years since I got back into riding chairs in the sky.

I’m headed to Keller, Texas, for a special event in my grandson’s life. He’s to be installed as a verger during the Easter Vigil in his church, St. Martin in the Fields, Saturday night. I could not miss this!

Those who know me, know I like to be on time. Actually I prefer to be early. I plan my departure times carefully, always building in extra time for the “in cases”.

When flying out of Hartsfield-Jackson I allow 3 hours drive time in order to arrive 2 hours before my flight. Often it takes close to 3 hours drive time.

So imagine my shock this morning when I realized my flight was departing at 11am, NOT noon. Uh oh. How could this happen? No time to figure it out. I left immediately, 45 minutes behind schedule. To a certain extent I was calm, well, calmish. Thankfully it was early morning on a Saturday. Evan reported that a WAZE check indicated it would be clear driving to ATL.

A quick stop for gas, but no stop for Starbucks!

An absolutely huge and glowing moon led the way, and even provided some distraction from concern. I resisted the urge to pull over to photograph. In lieu of a photo, here’s the scoop.

So as to avoid the suspense, I will say I made it to the airport over 2 hours early. Whew! And then my flight’s departure was delayed an hour. Best laid plans, – or not.

So I had an interesting conversation with a gate agent. Delta, as all airlines are doing, is increasingly automating all things flight related. Today I would scan my boarding pass on my phone and gates would swing open. Like at a concert or a sporting event.

Coming soon will be a thumb print scanner. She mentioned all this will further reduce the need for gate agents.

I mentioned how I go through Clear Screening where my eyes are scanned and then my security check is expedited.

Then she told me about the time she was working the International Terminal, where facial scanners are used for boarding. A woman was having problems with the scanner not recognizing her face. It had worked previously. Reluctantly she mentioned having had some “work done”. She was no longer recognized. A real bummer. I guess she will need to be re-recognized.

We all reinvent ourselves as we make our journey through life, but this example gives new meaning to putting forth a new face.

For now I’m in my air-chair headed to Texas to take my place in the front pew as my grandson becomes a verger. I’m a very proud Nana.

Traveling mercies.

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