verger time

I journeyed to Texas this weekend to be present for my grandson Jack’s installation as a verger.

A verger, is a person, usually a layperson, who assists in the ordering of religious services, particularly in Episcopal and Anglican churches. Vergers assist the clergy and lay servers in the conduct of public worship.

Although the history of verging goes back over 700 years, this ministry of service and welcome of the Episcopal Church is thriving in the twenty-first century.

Last night, during the Easter Vigil, Jack was installed as a verger in his parish,

The service began outside with the lighting of the new Easter fire.

The installation was just before the passing of the Peace.

It was awesome. It was a joy and an honor to be a presenter and to witness this solemn and affirming moment in his life.

Following the service, the rector invited Jack to stand with him and greet parishioners as they walked out of the church.

Then it was time for family photos,

And dueling vergers.

This morning at the Easter Sunday service, Jack served as Verger. I was front and center, barely able to contain my pride in and my joy for Jack!

I feel like I’ve had an Easter banquet even before we prepare and enjoy our dinner later today. I give thanks!

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