cross making concluded

My Lenten practice of making crosses almost daily, turned out to be such a meaningful activity for me. By the end of Lent I had created 40 crosses.

Here are the last of the crosses.

White branches with yarn and seaweed from Iceland.

Found wood scraps with cluster seed pod.

This year’s palm cross affixed to last year’s palm cross, with colored stone.

Lemongrass stalks weathered over the winter. The largest of all the crosses, it measures 28″ in length.

The Finale. Found scraps of color, to create my version of an Easter flowering cross.

And one more created today. In honor of Jack’s verger installation, a cross made with Starbucks Easter Cards.

This intentional time of creating crosses with mostly found materials, while inviting God to be present, has gone far to give me a Holy Lent. And today a joyous Easter.

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