mis-information in the information age

In this age of having information available at one’s fingertips, how does that old saying equate today? Yes, it’s an old saying. Yet, it is true today. Originally it referred to something being physically within one’s reach or in one’s hand.

These days the perspective could be seen as having one’s fingertips on any number of devices, where information is easily accessed.

I have information on my mind because today was filled with a mixture of truth and fiction, all delivered as if it was correct. All delivered in a manner of authority.

This mixture of fact and fiction took place in the Atlanta airport.

Evan and were at the airport to pick up our grandson who was traveling solo for the first time. All the way from Seattle. It was important to be at the gate on time.

Information I had been given a few days ago about traversing security without actually traveling, turned out to be inaccurate. Then began a marathon of steps and inquisition. A mixture of true and false facts sent us crisscrossing terminals, ticket counters, security lines, both expedited and slogged.

I marveled at how opposing facts were given in response to questions.

I had information overload right at my fingertip, that’s for certain. All “sold” as an umpire sells a call.

We had 2 1/2 hours to navigate to the gate where our grandson would deplane. We made it with no more than 5 minutes to spare.

Information at my fingertips. Mis-information at my fingertips as well. Most importantly, my grandson arrived safe and sound and now sleeps soundly just upstairs.

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