birthday day

While the impetus for this trip was to celebrate the 75th birthday of my sister and brother, my sister-in-law’s birthday is today.

Everyone greeted her this morning with song.

Then we went on a hike. About 6 miles from the cabins is the trailhead for The Colorado Trail. It was a perfect choice from the standpoint of elevation gain, hiking at an elevation of over 10,500′, and our oldering status. It’s an in and out trail, and we were on the trail around two hours. It was glorious!

The wind blowing through the trees made a kind of music.

Afternoon was time for relaxation, conversation, and reflection. About our lives decades ago. And now.

We were here long enough to have a favorite coffee house, City on the Hill Coffee and Espresso, and a favorite restaurant, Tennessee Pass Cafe.

After dinner we returned to the cabins for ice cream and gifts. The birthday celebrant declared it one of her best ever birthdays.

At the coffee house in town this morning, I spotted a young man in line whose shirt-back had a great message. I asked him if I could photograph his shirt and he was delighted to oblige.

I’m certain I was the reason for some smiles this day. I shall try to be a reason each day forward.

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