homeward bound

After having been home for a time, I’m now headed home.

I don’t really know how this family gathering could have been any better. Yes, you can go home again.

Awakening earlier than usual this morning, I wandered over to the ponds to await sunrise. The resident geese glided off to the far shore, creating streaks of white.

Walking across the grounds, listening to the geese muttering among themselves was so quieting for me. Generally when I awaken on a travel day I’m not stilled as I move toward the moment of take-off. This morning I was stilled within.

Today carried with it the sadness of this special family gathering coming to an end.

The pale pink of dawn reflected in the water helped cover the sad.

As I continued my walk, the day awakened. With it my gratitude for having my siblings to accompany me through 70+ decades of life.

Aspen trees are part of my pleasure in growing up in Colorado. I love their color, their sound as they “quake” in the wind. The bark of the aspen has a soft feel. Each time I walked between cabins I reached over to one aspen in particular and just stopped and rested in the moment of touch.

With the full light of day it was time to depart.

We three gathered for a sibling photo reflecting one so long ago.

Until we meet again.

Traveling mercies.

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