hurling through the air

I have described flying as “sitting in a chair in the sky”, or “being inside a metal tube”.  Here’s another option: “hurling through the atmosphere in a giant metal can at 35,000 feet”.  In the article where I read this description, what followed was  “…is now one of the safest ways to travel”. Well, I guess so.

Today I hurtle toward Dallas, TX – Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport where the next time I take my seat in the chair in the sky, I will be on a non-stop flight to Reykjavik, Iceland. Traveling 3,737 airmiles for 9 hours, I’m likely to get a bit stir-crazy.  A bit likely to sleep some.  Very likely to be online.  Flying Icelandair brings with it free wi-fi from the moment you step onboard.  Whoo hoo!


It IS true that flying to DFW in order to fly to Iceland is a bit backwards.  However, Icelandair’s non-stop option makes sense, and lets us avoid the slog through JFK. The bonus is that Beth (who flew to DFW yesterday to visit family) and I will have dinner with my Texas son and his family tonight. Later we will settle into the Grand Hyatt Hotel at DFW for the flight to Reykjavík on Monday.  I understand a walk out the door of the hotel leads right to the TSA security entrance for the terminal. That’s convenient.

At last the time has come to depart.

Traveling mercies.

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