faroe islands departure

While it’s true I departed home yesterday, I flew backwards in time and direction. This day I fly forward.

Reunion with my Texas family and Beth was filled with sweet hugs, joy & laughter, family tales, and a delicious meal prepared by those I love.

Both of my grandchildren are leaving home this week. Jack to college, and Georgia to her first post college apartment, close to her work. I remember when both of my sons left home. A time of new quiet and the reality of family size decreased by one-half.

And now my son’s children are leaving home.

We spent the night at a GRAND hotel located in the airport. So convenient! And I just have to mention the list of Must Haves that was on the night table. A quick call to the front desk and just minutes later I had slippers, a hair brush and a sewing kit! All complimentary and presented with a flourish and a smile.

Awakening this morning to overcast skies and a view looking at the roof of the airport, the images felt “Icelandic”.

I begin this new day as is my custom when traveling, a cappuccino and the NY Times, seated in the hotel’s Moka lounge.

As I prepare to travel , I’m reminded of lines from the poem Easter Exultet by James Broughton,

“Be prepared to bump into wonder.”

I’m not one to miss wonder, but I’m surely prepared and expectant to bump into wonder the next two weeks.

Traveling mercies.

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