gastronomic adventures in Reykjavík

Icelandair set down shortly before 5am. Two hours later, using public transportation, we arrived at Hilton Canopy Hotel.

Having loved our stay here last year, it was delightful to return.

Too early for a room to be made up, we headed out for Braud & Company, a local bakery,

and to Reykjavík Roasters.

We meandered down central city streets and into some local shops for a time, eventually making a stop for hot tea.

When we returned to the hotel we found our room was ready for occupancy. Not long after that, it was nap time!

A few hours later, having removed the jet lag, it was time for a late lunch.

Our personal flight attendant had recommended Messinn for local fish. Sautéed together, the fish, Icelandic potatoes, tomatoes and greens are brought in the skillet to the table.

I’m not the fish eater Beth is, so I opted for the salad served with garlic and Parmesan cheese toast. It was all amazing!

Now it was time to walk around the Reykjavík harbor area. The rain had ceased and occasionally the sun would make an appearance.

All that walking around under clearing skies, called for ice cream!

Returning to the hotel it was time for a long overdue total fresh-up of body and garb.

The Canopy offers late afternoon food and beverage tastings. Of course we were front and center for that event.

Icelandic beer was paired with a “devil” baked cheese of Camembert and Blue Cheese drizzled with local honey. A cappuccino added for my beverage, we were wowed.

Now filled up with sights and sustenance, we are in for the night.

During each opportunity to enjoy sustenance, I was keenly aware of the languages and dialects spoken within the distance of my hearing.

I’m reminded of lines from the poem Waiting in Line by Nick Penna.

“When you listen you reach

into dark corners and

pull out your wonders.

When you listen your

ideas come in and out

like they were waiting in line.”

It was a listening day start to finish.

One thought on “gastronomic adventures in Reykjavík”

  1. Oh my. Lucky I am not there on a gasttonomic day —. Back to Weight Watchers today. But I would have loved being there ! Love those pictures ! Oh yum. Great start.


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