rest for the weary

In three days time I shifted time zones forward and backward. I gained an hour, then lost five hours, and today I’ll lose another hour. So I just went ahead and slept eleven hours last night. Who does that? Well, the weary do. Work, schedules, commitments and travel, bring on plenty of weariness for both of us. This trip is a time to find rest.

The hotel is designed for rest beyond beds. Throughout the hallways and floors are “rest stops”.

It feels like invitations to plop.

After plopping for a bit, we headed out for a noonday concert featuring Schola Cantorum. The location, Hallsgrimskirkja, offered prime plopping.

Having skipped morning Eucharist, this was a kind of exquisite worship.

Lunch followed, and then a walk around town. Today is a glorious day.

Now plopping once more this day, I’m reminded of a poem I received this morning in my inbox,,

From Irving Feldman’s poem How Wonderful!,

“…and you understand this, how wonderful! –that you’ve been led to be quietly yourself, like a root growing wise in darkness under the light litter, the falling words.”

Tonight we fly to Faroe Islands. Let the adventure continue!

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