keeping sabbath

Today was a day filled with intention.

Intention to keep sabbath – through community worship, slowing down, walking when possible, lessening the need for haste.

A gentle awakening under an overcast sky, to begin this new day. No need existed to be anywhere until 11am for church.

We chose to walk to church, mapping the walk through narrow streets, up and down stairs, alongside fences, with twists and turns through neighborhoods.

Our destination, Hangar Kirkja.

Arriving in time to be welcomed, to learn a bit about where to sit and how to follow the service which would be in Faroese, we were surprised to be ignored, avoided even. No eye contact, no conversation. It felt unseen.

The space was beautiful, the chick priest had a lovely presence, at least one of the hymns was familiar, and there were three christenings.

Note the wooden boat hanging from the ceiling. This is a tradition in churches in the Faroes.

Ann, our priest, led worship with her back to us during much of the service. This style of worship is how the Episcopal church did it up until the 1970’s, when the altar was pulled out from the wall and clergy began to face the congregation. Her sermon may have been inspiring. She had a brilliant smile, and a softness about her as she christened the three babies.

Although the table appeared to be set for communion, there was none. There was nary a cross in sight.

Ann and Beth had a greeting of recognition of shared ministry as they shook hands after the service ended.

We then walked to Brell Cafe for coffee and sandwiches. The cappuccinos and lattes are always works of art.

Continuing the walk home, we had quite an interesting conversation along the way. A dropped glove brought Henri into our life for fifteen minutes of delightful chatting.

Late afternoon we chose to drive to the harbor to do some laundry. This activity necessitated “sitting around” waiting for clothes to get clean and dry. Delicious bowls of curry soup for supper as we waited.

This business of doing laundry deserves reward.

This day ended as gently as it began.

One thought on “keeping sabbath”

  1. I found this the most interesting of all ! The church (no cross !), the vestment ! , the no greeting and finally another favorite of many, the beautifully colored buildings with the reflection in the water. Needs to be on a magazine cover, but maybe they don’t like tourists there ? What’s your sense?


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